Thoughts From a Vegetable-Lover
Just found this post from another tumblr when I googled my own name! yes.

Just found this post from another tumblr when I googled my own name! yes.


So my healthy food tumblr diary didn’t really work out…Too many late nights in the media lab for me to stay super vegan…A few candy bars here, and a few artificially cheese flavored chip thingies…sue me!

Today I went to Sprouts though and got a “flu shot” ( a shot of a mixed fruit and veggie juice) it basically tasted like really really spicy and garlicy salsa..but it really seemed to kick my on coming cold in the butt.

I also got a raw% vegan taco which was AMAZING. Or “RAWMAZING” as my boss would say. I gave bites to my documentary boys and they loved it…which was great because they every now and then they give me shit for being a vegan. And make fun of me for working at Sprouts because it’s sooo healthy.

14 Followers! WHOA. Day 2

I <3 Whole Foods!! Day 1

My wonderful friend Sam drove me to whole foods today and we bought the most amazing vegan snacks ever!! Honey puffed wheat cereal, barbaque kale chips, “just peas” (dried peas), coconut milk yogurts, almond butter…Just to name a few!

Today was a big day with the documentary group. Lots of driving and sitting aka very little exercise. 

For breakfast I had Kashi Go Lean Oatmeal (original) which I used to eat all the time but then got sick of it…but now I love it/like it again. I also had Coffee which I had quit for 3.5 weeks, and then decided to start drinking it again…:/

I was KPing (kitchen prepping) for lunch at my co-op Keep today from 9:20-10:20 peeling and chopping 10 huge butternut squashes and about 30 sweet potatoes…I knew I was going to miss lunch at Keep today because of my documentary group meeting so I took some of the  chopped squash for later.

I microwaved the squash and mashed it up a little bit, added some rice milk, some spices, put it back in the microwave and then helped myself to some squash soup! It was actually really delicious. I probably would’ve taken a photo of it if I had my cell phone..but I don’t.

In the car I got a little hungry so I had a LaraBar which some people really don’t like, but I really do like. Everything is made out of fruits and nuts. I had one of my favorite flavors “Cashew Cookie” which is literally just lots of cashews & dates. The fewer ingredients: the better!

After the long day of meetings and driving with the doc crew, my friend Sam asked if I would accompany him to Whole Foods—how could I say no?!

For my dinner I had some delicious tofu in a sweet and sour sauce with vegetables. You can eat it hot or cold, and I was in the mood to eat it cold…As a desert I had a small handful of dried mangoes and dates and tasted the dried peas "just peas" (which were so good).

Hello to my sweet 13 followers!

So this week is going to be quite a stress-filled week. Actually, this month is going to be a disaster. I’m very concerned that I’m going to be so busy working that I’m going to forget to eat well and treat my body well!!

I’m working on this documentary with three boys and when we spend all day together I eat the weirdest things…A few weekends ago I had a not very vegan donut at 9am and then didn’t eat anything until 2:30pm, and when we did eat we got massive monster burittos…Then we didn’t eat until 9, I made many mini sandwiches at my co-op, had some non-vegan cookies with rice milk, then snacked more! The next day I felt pretttyyy gross and on top of that was having some minor bathroom issues.

Anyway, in order to prevent this from repeating itself (which it very well could), I’m going to try to write down everything that I eat each day until this documentary is done! I was going to take pictures of my food too but then my cell phone broke. Perfect timing. 

Wish me luck!


SUBMISSION: Organization employed on the cutting board.


SUBMISSION: Organization employed on the cutting board.

My mom clipped this out of The New Yorker for me

My mom clipped this out of The New Yorker for me